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In the late 1970`s Jeff & Cheryl Reid moved to Cairns in North Queensland Australia with their 3 boys.

As it is with most anglers Jeff wanted to catch a Barramundi with a lure, so after visiting the home of one of Australia's pioneer lure makers Norm (Chirpy) Edwards, Jeff purchased several lures & set off north of Cairns to Lakefield National Park in search of the elusive quarry.

Jeff's ambition was realised with the capture of his first Barra on a lure, however being land based & knowing quite well that the northern waters of Australia also is the home of the dangerous Saltwater Crocodile, Jeff's lure supply quickly diminished . Due to this Jeff started to design & make his own lures. Therefore out of necessity (unbeknown to Cheryl & Jeff) was the birth of Reidy`s Lures.

Early models were made from timber which was scrounged from where ever it could be found. Word spread about these lures & before long Jeff & Cheryl found themselves supplying local tackle stores.

As time went on it became evident that timber although it made a good lure was far too labour intensive thus the decision to venture into plastic injection moulding. ABS plastic is used & the reason to use 2 piece bodies is to be able to include rattles to add to the attraction for the fish. This process is still employed today, & after over 20 years of lure making additional machines & technology has been introduced in the manufacturing process to keep on improving the lures.

On July 1st 2007 Jeff & Cheryl sold the business & property to Tasmanian couple Colin & Karen Burdon who owned & operated 2 hotels at St Helens a fishing village on the east coast of Tassie . Colin is a keen fisho & when not pulling beers could be found on the water chasing Marlin,Tuna & the many species that inhabit the east coast of Tassie. Colin & Karen will continue with current models & practices but are keen to add to the Reidy`s range. They both understand the reputation the brand has in Northern Australia & are keen to develop lures for the Southern species, as well as expand the lure range to other species in Australia as well as overseas.

As with all Reidy's products lures will not hit the stores until extensive testing is satisfied. Jeff & Cheryl Reid are still actively engaged in all testing & Colin & Karen see this as an advantage of having these great Australian Lure makers still part of the Reidy`s team.

We trust you will enjoy the Reidy`s experience as much as we have of producing these great lures. Whenever you are in Darwin please call in & say hello & maybe take a tour of the Factory & see the process from start to finish.

Happy Fishing & please remember FISH FOR THE FUTURE.

About Reidy's Lures

About Reidy's Lures