Sensational Seabugs - Snapper action in Moreton Bay Shallows

30 Apr, 2013

It has been so much fun using a selection of seabugs in heavily fished Moreton Bay waters. Catching any decent sized fish In this environment, is nothing less than an art. Where only the most appetizing rigs fished in few and far between special locations yield trophy fish.

Snapper in Moreton bay are most active from May through to August. Once they have finished breeding in the shallows then they disappear to off shore depths. We then experience snapper 'Lock Jaw' (remaining fish become excessively fussy and sporadic feeders). This is where quality lures, technique, timing, knowledge are crucial.

Thus frames the challenge of off season Moreton snapper. To make matters more tricky add this year's floods.

Enter Reidys SEABUGS with exceptional reflective finishes and dangly exciting bits everywhere. These outstanding lures unlocked jaws yielding some great snapper as well as a variety of other smaller species.

I had phenomenal success using the Seabug Hawk, Seabug Spitfire and the Seabug Oyster. Seabugs took snapper off their guard!!! Resulting in some sizzling snapper action.

Owing to their amazing glistening presentation combined with high quality reflective scaly shimmer and fresh new innovative design. (Unfamiliar to wary well educated snapper)


See gallery for more pictures.

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28 Mar, 2013

So last November I had a visit with Colin and Karen at Reidy's Lures Darwin. We talked about lures for some time then colin handed me some Prototype lures little things to use, as I have done some lure testing for BCF and Sebil lures, I was more than happy to be testing a new lures here in Darwin area and at home in southern Queensland. I went to my car and grabbed some lures out of my tackle box some that I had been testing and rated as note worthy and we swam them in the swim-pool and I gave the lures to colin. That day we swam quite a few lures. I grabbed a new reidy's comp fishing shirt and colin didn't have my size shirt at the factory so he delivered it the next day to me at my Hotel in darwin, thats Service.


With all my gear ready I headed of with a mate of mine John to fish Corroboree Billabong, John has lived in darwin 45 years +. Early start, we knew Corribie wasn't fishing that well but off we went.  We fished all day we did see a few fish and caught this one with that little lure with no name. Yep new shirt new lure great fish. So we pulled into the bank to clean the fish, as john cleaned the fish i looked into the water and found this anchor and chain i gave it to john for his boat. We had a good Day.


March 2013 back in darwin for 10 days for Holliday and some Fishing. I called in to see colin at Reidy's but colin was at a Barra comp. Off I go fishing with my mate John to one of his Special fishing spots we drive south of darwin to launch the little 10 ft boat. Up the river we go , we pull up to a little creek john drops a lure about three feet from the boat and hasn't even had a wind of the reel and it is eaten by a Barra of about 75 and released just as quick. We threw a few more casts and moved on. We pull up to a spot, tie the boat to a small tree and start casting. We are in quite fast flowing water with a good stream of bait moving past us, I continued casting 2m from the boat and that little lure colin gave me is out of the water with a fish locked onto it, a Tarpon .


One of the things I look for in a great lure is, do little fish, I mean baby fish swim with the lure.  Some lures make little fish swim away from the lure and that's not good. I am always excited when baby fish school with the lure it means I have every chance of being in the strike zone with the bait fish. Next cast another tarpon.  After being smashed by many tarpon we headed off to a new spot up the river.  We gave it a good go over many stretches of the river even going to a rock bar with no fish so we headed back to the tarpon spot. John got out of the little boat to fish the bank to try to catch a black bream for his wife as she prefers to eat them over Barra.


I tied the little boat to a small tree and cast that little Orange lure.  On the second cast the lure didn't come back to the rod tip as it was attached to a Barra.,  After a few jumps and head shakes I got it with my lip grips, the barra was a little over 60. Athough most of the barra were small I am very happy to catch 6 or 7 or 8 small fish than none. As you can see john was back in the boat and on his next cast the lure was stopped by a big fish that took off through the trees this was over 80 and the fish got off in the sticks and yes tarpon after tarpon hit the little lure.


My next cast and a different fight and a different fish a Black Bream ( Sooty Grunter) I call them. John did go back the next day to this spot with a friend they got a 75 and 84 Barra on that little Orange Lure. So to my way of fishing if a lure can Catch Different types of fish i will go to that lure every time. What a great day we had.


See gallery for more pictures.

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Knife Jigs

22 Feb, 2013

A few days ago I decided to head out to see if I could catch a few Macks and Tuna. I had Troy Park on board, a fisho new to Cape York, and he was eager to catch some different species than he was used to at the Sunshine Coast. The Mackerel were not at their usual haunts so we had a wander around and looked for a few tuna bust-ups. The diving birds indicated some surface activity, so we motored over for a closer look. The Tuna were chasing tiny bait, so I picked the smallest Reidy's Knife Jig I had (25g I think) and told Troy to cast past the school, give the jig a couple of seconds to sink...

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Hooked up on Barra

14 Feb, 2013

Thank you very much for the opportunity to trial this lure.
I had a Bomber busted off in this snag then changed rods to a 20lb flouro leader, attached your beaut lure and hooked up on a different Barra straight after the first cast and twitch. It has a very positive pulse to its action at an extremely slow retrieval rate and hangs up perfectly when pressure is kept after each wind or twitch. Hasn't been successful on the fast swimming pelagics to date and I have an opinion that I couldn't retrieve it quick enough for them.
My fishing buddy had great success...

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