Reidy's Lures

Big Lucifer

The Big Lucifer is another late addition to the Reidy's range. The lure follows the design of the ever popular Little Lucifer. This lure was developed at the same time as the Junior B52 & has also seen around 900 lures sent around Australia for testing purposes. The lure can dive to about 2.5 metres when trolled & also can be used with cast & retrieve method. The feedback on this lure has been outstanding & many fish species have been caught. The lure has a very fast but tight tail beat, body roll & internal rattles. Whether trolling or casting, the lure can be worked by twitching the rod tip to imitate fleeing bait fish. The Big Lucifer is 85mm excluding the bib in length & weighs 18g, it is fitted with 2 x heavy duty size 2 treble hooks & heavy duty split rings.. The body & bib are made from ABS plastic.

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