Reidy's Lures

Little Lucifer Export

The Little Lucifer export model has a moulded bib with the body & this model was originally produced for the overseas market. The lure is designed off the popular original Lucifer but with a moulded plastic bib. This model has found a niche in the Australian market & is used alongside its older brother. In the Northern Territory the lure has a fantastic reputation with fishing guides & fisherman at Corroboree Billabong & all the Kakadu Billabongs. The Little Lucifer Export Lure has also been tested in Georges Bay at St Helens in Tasmania with great success on Australian Salmon, Bream & Flathead on the sand flats along with other species. The lure is fitted with heavy duty hooks being 2 x size 4 trebles & heavy duty split rings and dives to a depth of 2 metres. The lure is towed by the eyelet in the bib & should be used with a snap clip or loop knot so the lure has freedom of movement. The "Lucy" is 65mm in length excluding the bib, weighs 12g & the body & bib are made from ABS plastic.

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