Reidy's Lures


The Reidy's Rubber range is very young in comparison to the main soft plastic lures on the market but incorporated body & tail action when the other brands only had tail action. Today most good pre-rigged soft plastic lures have body & tail action but with a swimming action that is life like on the drop the Reidy's team is excited with the future of this range. The Reidy's Rubbers come in 3, 4, 5, 6 & 9 inch models & at present are in 11 colour combinations. They are fitted with quality Mustad Hooks & have holographic film inside to help with flash in the water. The Reidy's Rubber range also has an anchor point for a stinger hook at the belly of the rubbers & this can increase your hook-up rate however this can also cause snagging if in contact with structure. We suggest a small chain made from several split rings, linked together, with one end attached to the cast in anchor point in lure, and the other with a treble hook attached. The Reidy's Rubbers are great to use on all species of fish.

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