Reidy's Lures


The WEEDIES range of soft plastics were designed by Colin for the fisho that could just tie on & cast straight out of the packet. Fishing with weedless soft plastics has been around for quite a while but there was a void in the market for rigged & ready to go weedless lures. The WEEDIES also have a compartment in the neck area of the lure so that weight can be added if needed. These lures have been extensively tested & the results were very encouraging with hook up rates. The bodies are modeled on the rigged Reidy's Rubber range which have the renowned body action & life like swim action on the drop. The lures come in 4 sizes 70mm, 100mm, 120mm & 150mm with 6 great colours. For best results add weight into the cavity as described above or a ball sinker can be tied to the front of the lure. The lures are fitted with heavy duty hooks.

Download Colour Chart