Junior B52 rocks Dhipirri in Arnhemland

Posted by Melita McKinnon-Rogers on 18 Nov, 2014
Junior B52 rocks Dhipirri in Arnhemland

Dhipirri Barra and Sportfishing Lodge Arnhemland, NT, add this to your bucket list!  115 barra plus another 40 or so random by-catches in 3 days.

Day 1 saw us on the water by 8.30am with a falling tide, clean blue water and a gentle breeze, definitely flats fishing to start the day. Only 10 minutes from the lodge and out came the baby B's (Reidy's Junior B52's), down came the Minn Kota and away we went. Hmmm 15 minutes and we hadn't sighted a fish, had me thinking that my guide (my wonderful husband Jason) had been just talking this place up. 

Low and behold he spots a bust up not far ahead, electric up, Suzi down off we go only to find queenies and trevs having a feed ? no thanks, maybe later.  Ahh but some better looking snake drains and crystal clear water, electric down.  Jason: "look at those four there!"  Me: "Umm how about the forty to the left?" 

Me, being the inexperienced flats fisho that I am just stood there holding my breath waiting for instructions.   "Cast!", "where?", "there!",  "ok" ? nothing but threadies and barra making their way off for a siesta under a mangrove.  I watched a couple head up the nearest snake drain, first cast in ? yep gotcha!! That was the start of one of the best days I've had barra fishing. 

Gutters, drains, snags and rocks ? 2 lures for the day, a gold Junior B52 and a white soft plastic. 

With the afternoon incoming push we set ourselves up at the mouth of a minor creek with a nice rock bar just inside.  Time to rest the baby B's and change up to the soft plastics, on the drop, BANG!, every time.  I managed a hat trick of 70's, and yes, I was one happy lady.  A perfect end to the day. (apart from watching the sunset from the deck at Dhipirri with a nice cold beer)

Tally for Day 1:

Barra: Melita ? 25; Jason -15

Highlights of day 2:

1.      First baz of the day, sight cast and caught on camera

2.      Jason catching himself and myself expertly removing the embedded hook.

3.      Jason being sucked in with the old " look over there" trick and catching a barracuda while I cast in the opposite direction for a nice little silver baz ? his pay back, a double header of twin 70s (B52 Adrenaline rush).  No photographic evidence as I was too slow getting the camera so yeah pretty much it didn't happen

4.      Sight casting into dirty gutters, yes I said sight casting!

Tally for Day 2:

Barra: Melita ? 18; Jason ? 22 


Highlights of day 3: Does 2 guides = more fish?

1.      A thumper blue salmon while sight casting for barra in the rocks

2.      The cleanest baz ever out of some random rocks

3.      Watching guide #2 (Troy) drop the bottom lip before I insisted he change to the baby B so we didn't have to see the "grown man tantrum", I was kind enough to allow him the use of my gold baby B from Day 1, first cast, first baz of the day for Troy.

4.      Double hook ups in the snags

Tally for day 3:

Barra: Melita - 15; Troy - 11 and Jason - 9 (yes I recorded this as I am a little competitive)

Written by Melita McKinnon-Rogers

Weipa with a B52

Posted by Jack from near Toowoomba QLD on 08 Sep, 2014
Weipa with a B52

The B52 lure is a spectacular lure and I would highly recommend it if you are going fishing for some barra. With this lure I caught a great Barramundi using a trolling method going straight along a mud bank in the Ducie River up near Weipa. At first we threw a few lures near the drains at the mud bank at low tide and waited around for a bit there and we only caught one tiny flat head. Then my uncle David and my dad decided that we should  do some trolling close to the bank. While we were trolling, we were giving the line a few tugs occasionally and then letting it swim through the water for the maximum of 5 seconds and then giving it a few more tugs. After roughly about 10 minutes, I felt a sudden tug and violent thrashing over in the distance (let your line out for about 15 metres) and began pulling it in. It took me more than 5 minutes to pull it in. It's pure fun when you are reeling it in and the rush of adrenalin lets you pull it in more easily (unless you have been catching barra for a long time). The memory will set in my mind like concrete and I will never forget about the awesome time I went fishing for barra with the terrific silver B52 lure and the giant jelly fish, huge sea eagles, king fishers, crocodiles, giant sting rays and the gliding pelicans. Once again I would like to recommend this lure for trolling and other methods like that. That's one lure I will never forget about. 

Threadie tangles with a Hellraiser

Posted by Murray Knyvett on 26 Apr, 2014
Threadie tangles with a Hellraiser


Gave the hellraiser a try Friday on a drain coming off the flats.  Got this beautiful threadfin as well as a few barra.  It is a top little lure for this type of fishing in shallow water.  Hope you are catching a few.

Go Hawks,


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