The Hellraiser

Posted by Jimmy Sullivan on 28 May, 2013
The Hellraiser

I have been testing the Hellraiser now for some time and the fishing here on Bribie Island has been very Difficult

A few weeks have gone with me throwing every colour hellraiser lure into the water,

Lots of small Bream have chased but not eaten the lures.

I have one colour that i have not used since my trip up Darwin catching Barra, Tarpon & Sooty Grunter.

So I decided today to use that little Orange Lure.

Well Second cast a fish Smashed the lure I thought it was a big Flathead

 It turned out to be a Great Fish a Taylor.

After I sorted that all out it was time for more fishing I cast out and smash then the line goes slack

I wind fast a big Flathead over 90 is at my feet with only one point of one treble in its mouth so it swam free.

A few casts later a flathead eats that little Orange lure and I have Dinner.

July 2011 Onslow

Posted by on 05 Feb, 2013
July 2011 Onslow

Pictures from July 2011 from Onslow, fishing for Muddies around a creek north of town and shallow reef out the front so we dragged a few lure's in between pulling the crab nets. Plenty of small shark mackerel, cod, Charlie courts(type of cod). Pictures, little cod on a B52,(this B52 was straight out of the wrapping and looking like it was 10 years old by the end of the day, most successful of the lures used that day) little Cod on a Goulburn Jack and a lizard fish on a Goulburn Jack. Few good muddies as well. Double hook up of Spanish Mackerel out at the Monty Bello's in May 2011, you can just the lure on my TLD outfit in the bottom left hand corner. Pretty sure the lure was an early coloured Big Boss. Plenty of good fish at the Monty Bello's but to much action and not enough camera work, haha, only after we finished for the day did we take a few photo's.

Wayne Murdoch


See gallery for more pictures.

Prototype Hellraiser

Posted by on 04 Sep, 2013
Prototype Hellraiser

Well i fished all easter and not one fish , I used the orange prototype hellraiser lure about 300 + casts a day, just to much fresh water in this salt water.
I Fished at the same place Bribie island the wind was blowing a good 50+ k in my face the tide half out, I grabbed the Red headed White yellow flash Hellraiser.  Second cast into the wind the lure landed about 3 m out from the shore line. Two turns of my Stradic reel and instantly Hooked to a flathead , not a monster but over 40 that fish ate engulfed most of the lure. I am sure when i get the chance to present Hellraiser to a big fish it will be eaten.


See gallery for more pictures.

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