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What is produced at Reidy's

About Reidy's Lures

The Reidy`s Lure Factory is situated on the outskirts of Darwin at Wishart Siding on the Stuart Highway about 100 metres before the turnoff to Kakadu National Park which is the Arnhem Highway. At the factory you can see the following lures being produced:

2 Metre Little Lucifer

3 MetreLittle Lucifer

2 Metre Taipan

3 Metre Taipan

5 Metre Goulburn Jack

3 Metre Big Boss

5 Metre Big Boss


Due to production capabilities our tooling for B52, The Judge, Daly Devil, Big B52, Junior B52, Big Lucifer, Little Lucifer moulded bib & Reidy`s Rubbers are situated in China where the same processes are used. The tooling for these models is Reidy`s tooling & are made to our specifications.

We also can customize our lures that are made overseas so basically we start with a bare body & go through the same process as our local products. Along with our production phase we also create printing plate designs for custom printing on our lures.

Production Process

About Reidy's Lures

The process starts with injecting ABS plastic into our Moulds. This system is called plastic injection moulding & is performed in Queensland Australia where our tooling for the Australian produced lures is situated. Once the 2 half bodies are received in Darwin we send them to Palmerston in the N.T where a facility that employs disabled persons pieces the lure together. The process at the factory now begins with the 2 halves of body being welded with an Ultrasonic welding machine. When welded we have a plastic flashing around the body which is hand scraped to a smooth finish ready for painting.

In the painting process we use automotive acrylic paints that are applied to the lures by airbrush. Once the lures are painted they are sealed with a clear lacquer.

The next process is printing personality to the lures & this is achieved with Pad Printing machines, this is also where we can produce special printed lures with company logo's etc. When the printing is complete the lures move to the bibbing & hooking area where the lures are fitted with bibs & heavy duty rings & hooks.

The lures are then tank tested for tuning & swimming action in our test tank. When dried the lures are packaged ready for sale.

Visit Us

About Reidy's Lures

Call into the Reidy's Lure Factory at Wishart Siding near the corner of the Stuart & Arnhem Highways about half an hour drive from the Darwin CBD.

The manufacturing process can be seen on a guided tour including ultrasonic welding of plastic bodies, painting of the lures, printing the external personality to the lures, the bibbing & hooking process & swim testing the lures before packaging. You will also be shown the characteristics & reasons behind certain actions of Reidy`s Lures. You will also be shown valuable hints on tuning & fishing with lures.

The tour lasts for a minimum of 45 minutes.